Internet Security

Good Internet Security requires several things.  First - and most important is your understanding.  IF you are on the Internet -- other people and other computers are trying to get into your machine.  The reasons are quite varied.  Other People may be trying to 'profile' your browsing habits such that they can target you with specific advertising campaigns.  They may be attempting to 'get' your address book to capture and sell valid email addresses.  They may be 'sampling' your files for anything of value.  They may be simply 'testing' their abilities as a wanna' be hacker.  They may have malicious reasons such as to erase your hard drive.  Other Computers might want to use your Internet Connection to send their mail or remotely operate Denial of Service Attacks on other networks -- traceable to YOU.  Your computer could be involved in any of these activities right now - without your knowledge or approval.

What can you do ??  The  solution details several facets.  First you must examine your computer  - cleaning as you go.  You must look into each nook and cranny - and remove all traces of SpyWare and Trojans that may have been planted over the years.  You need to monitor, scan and block anything that comes your way -- whether it be a floppy from your neighbor or something you download from the internet.  Then you need to secure your Front Door to prevent others from entering through your on-line internet connection.  Most of the tools you need are Totally Free !  Most are quite easy to use.

Let's start your Security Check-Up with a free on-line Scan to see if your computer has open doors for anyone to use.  I think many of you will be surprised with the result.   The following banner will take you to .  It's a web  server in southern California operated by Steve Gibson.  Steve has  been involved in 'programming' since he was a teenager - and is well respected  for his knowledge of computers and computing.  Agencies such as the  FBI have contacted Steve often for help with various Security projects.   His 'ShieldsUp' test will scan a few common ports on your computer and generate a report.  Please read what Steve has written about the findings specific to your machine.  Click anywhere on the following Banner to go there -- Navigate down the page to the ShieldsUp Test.  By the way -- SpinRite 5 is a data maintenance tool similar to ScanDisk - but with heavy duty recovery features.  It is widely used in commercial systems.  Steve sells this single product - his other programs are free.  Click anywhere on the ShieldsUp logo just below to go there.



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