I want to start with one of my all time favorite digital photos.  With the proper caption - it won 'honorable mention' in a digital photo contest that I entered a few years ago.  Let me give you the background on this shot and you'll see why I like it so much.

I had just purchased my Casio QV-10 Digital Camera and was looking for just about anything to photograph.  I had already done the dogs and the wife and by popular request - had already deleted the aforementioned photos.  It was time for a couple of still shots.  I'm the kind of guy who has always been better at the mechanics of photography than deciding what the subject should be.  At the time,  local news reports were featuring many stories about 'sighting opportunities' for the approaching comet.  So without further ado - here's my favorite digital photograph and the caption that won!

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1) "The Comet" [below]

More to come Soon ...


   The neighbors were out in the street, looking up - I grabbed my camera - and There It Was  -

“The Comet”

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