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Welcome to my home page.  I am an electronics technician and I own and operate a business named ABTEC.  I have a wonderful  wife [Glenda] who works with me on a few projects and is also a full service Travel Agent.  Glenda runs her business GBTC from our shared office. We live in Lawrenceville, Georgia - but my work takes me all over the world and Glenda likes to travel. What a deal - huh?

I want this to be a 'simple' Website..  I will be  adding lots of neat stuff that I have collected over the years. I have  posted some snapshots from my world famous digital picture collection as well as some information about the work I do.  From time to time - I develop new interests or find new discussion groups to participate in. Many of my better links - and a few programs I like {all freeware} will be posted here.


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