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If you are planning an application which requires multiple TVs - you will like this Section of the ABTEC website.

The typical Commercial TV System for a Restaurant, Tavern or Sports Bar consists of pictures 'coming in' from several sources.  Most often, CableVision is one source - or an Outside TV Antenna - and almost always there is some form of Direct Broadcast Satellite equipment involved. The customers want to see Top Quality Pictures on every TV - and having lots of TVs with good pictures means that some level of distribution engineering must be applied.  The Owners and Management want a system that is easy to use - and one that is not troublesome to operate. The easiest way to accomplish all of this is to incorporate a system that 'blends' the extra channels [like from DTV or Dish Network] into the usual line-up of daytime pictures [ie., Cable]. This is most often accomplished by 'modulating' the extra pictures onto a channel not consumed by Cable.  Components required are a certain set of Filters, a good Distribution Amplifier and Quality Modulators to 'Insert' the locally made pictures from the Satellites.  I mean ... you cannot just go plug all the wires together and put more aluminum foil on the 'rabbit ears' - some electronic components are needed !  And proven engineering makes it work. The following chart shows the components ABTEC most often uses in the design and installation of our Custom Built - Multi Source - Distributed TV Systems..

Brand Name and Product

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Description or Application

Channel Plus Distribution Amplifier

One - can supply signal for up to 48-64 TVs

Channel Plus Modulator(s)

puts Local Video onto a channel number

Channel Plus Filters

the Right One makes it work


divides one satellite dish for up to 4-8 receivers

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

works well on flat roofs

Splitters - 2,3,4,6,8 Way

to divide the Amplified signal

more items added often


NOTE:  All Items Are UL Approved for Commercial Duty.  HOME GRADE COMPONENTS are almost never specified in ABTEC Custom Systems. Even the best Home Grade Equipment Will Not Endure Commercial Duty!

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