These Quality Components Are Often Specified in ABTEC Custom Designs.

Brand Name and Product


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Description or Application


TOA A-903-906-912-MK2

*The Best* for 70 Volt Distributed Systems

TOA Module Chart - for above

Modules - the in/out 'Circuits' for the Amp

LOWELL Ceiling Speaker Kits

Basic 8" Ceiling Speaker for 70Volt

LOWELL Speaker Mounting Accessories

Tile Weight Support Bridge & Can

LOWELL Remote Mounted Volume Controls

For 70 Volt Distributed Systems Only

LOWELL Electronic Component Racks

Wall Mounted / UL Approved

Quam Nichols 70 Volt - 2 Way Box Speaker

Black or White / Indoor or Outdoor

Atlas Soundolier Designer Series Ceiling Speaker

Looks Like a Light Fixture - Costs More

RANE System Controller with Equalizer

Multi Input with Equalizer and Interface

OSC PLX Series for High Power Applications

Great for Dance Floor and Fixed Live Stage

Yamaha SE Series Box Speakers

For Entertainer Stage and Dance 'Flyers'

OAP -- EIGHTEEN Inch [yes 18"] Sub Woofer

BASS - Like You've Never Heard Before

dbx DriveRack PA System Controller

multi-function controller

Pioneer DJ Mixer with Mic, Tone and Sliders

A Well Respected DJ Mixer - Easy to use !

Always - several more components to add  {sigh!}


NOTE:  All Items Are UL Approved for Commercial Duty.  HOME GRADE COMPONENTS are almost never specified in ABTEC Custom Systems. Even the best Home Grade Equipment Will Not Endure Commercial Duty!

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