About: ABTEC

ABTEC - Allen Barnett    Is my official business name.  My business was established in May of 1977 and is based in Lawrenceville,  GA.  My primary business product is to design,  custom build, supply, install and service commercial sound and video systems.   Much of my work thus far has been centered around the typical restaurant  or tavern, sports bar or fashion store.  The scope of my work is not  limited to these items - but when someone asks what I do - this seems to be the best answer.  I am also a State [of Georgia] Licensed Low-Voltage  Contractor which is a requirement in many areas for this type of work.  My facilities include a woodworking shop,  metal fabricating equipment,   light welding equipment and a rather complete electronics test and repair bench.  Most of my work is 'project oriented' and requires that completed  components be installed at the clients location. Some of my systems have made it into Canada,  Mexico and the Bahamas - but most of my systems are located around Atlanta, GA and in many other major east coast cities.   About 30% of my work is to subcontract my installation service to other companies.  Due to contractual arrangements with some of my historical clients and/or the companies for who I contract - I do not have permission to use their names in my advertisements.  But I can tell you that one of my oldest clients has over 200 restaurants and their 'girls' wear cute orange shorts  while they serve cold wings and hot beer and another restaurant client who used ABTEC in many early locations serves great steaks and would have you to think that they are from Australia.

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