Welcome to ABGBweb.com

First, About Our [rather clever] DOT-COM name

We thought for a long time [well about 23 minutes] to come up with something we hope you can remember easily. AB and GB are our Initials. Add web, then dot com and you will remember where to find us. What's 'clever' about this? ABGB sounds a little like- Hee Bee Gee Bee.  See how clever it was ... you can remember it already !!

This opening page will act as a portal to a number of things each of us wants to do 'on the web'. The buttons to the left will help guide you to where you would like to be, or please feel free to explore anywhere on our Website. You can return here [the ABGBweb Home Page] -- by clicking the ’Welcome’ button when visible. Each New Page you visit will have Buttons for navigation within that specific section of the Website.

The ABTEC and/or GBTC buttons - open exclusively to the special purpose sections and the pages for each of our businesses.

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